INDOJEWEL JEWELLERY PRIVATE LIMITED seeks to maintain its reputation in the Lab Grown Diamond, Gems & Jewellery industry. The management of INDOJEWEL JEWELLERY PRIVATE LIMITED is committed to maintaining its responsiveness to the needs and concerns of its customers.

The objective of the complaint procedure is to assist the organization, its partners and stakeholders in resolving complaints in an efficient, effective and professional manner. For attending to customers grievances an exclusive Customer Grievance Redressal Cell attached to Global Risk & Compliance Department at the Head Office has been set up to monitor the redressal of complaints received from the customers.

What is a Complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction made to an organization or entity, related to its product, or the complaints-handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected. It is important that complaints are dealt with reasonably and promptly.

A complaint or a grievance may include an allegation that a person has behaved in an unacceptable way.

This process is intended to address complaints made to INDOJEWEL JEWELLERY PRIVATE LIMITED. Any person or organization (the complainant) who is dissatisfied with a product or service provided by the organization or the group company, for any reason, may contact or register their complaint to Customer Grievance Redressal Cell.

Raising a Complaint

Where a complaint is about a particular engagement, product or staff, the complainant can address his complaint to an appropriate member of that engagement team, orally, by letter, email or fax. Where possible, complaints should be made in writing so that the details of the complaint are clear and complete.

For Grievances Redressal a single point platform to submit or register your grievances e-mail to

Acknowledgement of Complaint

INDOJEWEL JEWELLERY PRIVATE LIMITED is committed to acknowledging all complaints immediately upon receipt. Once a complaint has been received, the management of INDOJEWEL JEWELLERY PRIVATE LIMITED will undertake an initial review of the complaint.

INDOJEWEL JEWELLERY PRIVATE LIMITED will endeavor to resolve complaint within one week of receiving the complaint, but this will not be possible on all occasions. Where the review exceeds one week, the complainant will be contacted to inform the reasons for the delay and indicate to him when the group expect to be in a position to complete our review of the complaint.

Complaint Investigation
  • Complaint is investigated, once the Director and Chief Compliance Officer has been made aware of the complaint
  • Concerned Accounts and sales personnel are informed about the same
  • Goods are sent to reputed gemmological laboratory for verification
  • Verification report is than send to the Director / Head of Site for further course of action
Retention of Records

All records relating to any complaints and grievance, Legal allegation, report of a retaliatory act or the investigation of any such report shall be retained for a period of five years.

If you have any Complaint please fill Customer Complaint Form